Latham Teacher runs Boston Marathon – Congratulations, Jenise!

We are so thrilled to highlight a member of our Education Team who became our Boston Marathon inspiration! Our Special Education Teachers are compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent, innovative, and caring. Jenise is all the above, as well as an incredible athlete who just ran the Boston Marathon! Students and staff have been very supportive. Last week, they snuck into the campus Library to decorate a huge banner and a t-shirt for her. (In the photo, Jenise proudly displays her new attire).

“We are so proud of Jenise and what she has accomplished,” Director of Education Meghan Foley said. “Not many people can say they qualify for the Boston Marathon, let alone complete it! This past week, students worked diligently on creating a banner and shirt to show their support of Jenise. They were so excited to give it to her on Friday!”

Jenise ran an incredible time – at certain times she was pacing a 7:30 mile! Students were encouraged to check in on her time, and staff sent emails updating one another on her progress. You impress us every day, Jenise – congrats on your fantastic endurance and time!

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