Dr. Jennifer Miller connects with students on Storytime

As we continue to celebrate Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month, Latham Centers highlights special guests who have read to our students on Virtual Storytime.*

On Wednesday, May 13th, Dr. Jennifer Miller met our Virtual Storytime family when she “Zoomed in” from Florida to read Where has the Moon Gone? by Hiroyuki Arai. It was a sweet story about two mice who search for the moon when it disappears one morning when the sun comes out.

“The kiddos enjoyed her reading, and moreover enjoyed spending time with one another,” noted Latham Centers’ Virtual Storytime coordinator Katrina Fryklund. “They asked Dr. Miller about her pets, and Dr. Miller introduced them to her beautiful furry friend. Everyone learned about how Dr. Miller got into her field, and like Dr. van Bosse who read earlier in the month, she too connected deeply to her clients with PWS.”

Dr. Miller is a leading PWS clinician and an Associate Professor in the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at the University of Florida. She has worked extensively in the area of PWS clinical research, including endocrine and metabolic aspects of PWS, sleep and brain development. She follows hundreds of patients with PWS and provides ongoing advice to patients on the most effective and newest management strategies and treatments for PWS.

Thank you so much, Dr. Miller, for joining us! To learn more about Dr. Miller, visit endopediatrics/JenniferMiller.

* Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students at Latham Centers (and in their homes across the country) come together online for a fun surprise, a good book, and an interactive social hour. Each reader brings something special to Virtual Storytime. Whether they are a legislative or non-profit leader, a professional in the PWS community, or a weather forecaster, they have provided the gift of storytelling and delightful conversation. Throughout the month of May and beyond, we highlight our special guest readers and say THANK YOU

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