Dodgeball: A favorite for staff and students

By Katrina (Fryklund) Kozak

As I sit and write this blog, I hear student and staff cheers and applause outside my window. It’s as if I can hear the smiles and feel the positive energy.



“Awesome job!”

A key to Latham Centers’ success with our students is the morning, afternoon, and evening activities. They are specifically geared towards students’ interests and abilities, and dodgeball has quickly become an afternoon favorite for staff and students alike.

On September 1st, Danny Anderson, Residential Activities Coordinator, hosted a re-match from the August 4th Dodgeball game, when the student team took the crown. You can imagine that the staff were ready to go, and with increased involvement on both the student and adult sides, the game could not have been more fun or entertaining. In an email to staff after the game, Danny wrote, “That game was so much fun! A wonderful performance by our students! They gave it their all and I think it was the largest student turn out thus far! When it all was said and done, Team Staff claimed the day!”

Stay tuned for more highlights of fun and games at Latham Centers!

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