Director of National Outreach Katrina Fryklund honored as Campus Supervisor of the Week

Pictured above: Katrina with long-time Latham donor and friend Dr. Russell Boles at our 2017 Year-End Celebration

When Latham Centers’ Katrina Fryklund was honored as Campus Supervisor of the Week recently, she graciously penned an open letter to her colleagues to thank them and recognize their efforts.  Katrina’s heartfelt message follows:

“My name is Katrina Fryklund, and I am the Director of National Outreach at Latham Centers, working with the Admissions Team. Previously I was the Director of Development, and I have been blessed to find a home-away-from-home at Latham Centers.

Recently I was awarded the Campus Supervisor of the Week. This is an honor, and I am so grateful for the recognition. I want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE at Latham Centers for their dedication and hard work. Every day I see the staff, students, and adult residents at Latham working together to better one another’s lives. With the job change came a move from the Orleans office to campus, and I have felt welcomed from day one. Students regularly say “Hi!” and ask how my day is going. There is no sweeter sound than laughter coming from down the hallway as a student excels in a particular activity, whether it be solving the math equation or helping sort the mail. Staff genuinely care about one another and are incredibly encouraging, truly working as a team. What is most amazing, however, is witnessing a student’s progress from day one: you see trepidation in both the student’s and the parents’/guardian’s eyes, but also a look of ease – like they too have found a home-away-from-home. It seems that it’s just days before I look outside and see that same student glowing as he or she plays water-games with new friends in the field.

Thank you to the residents at Latham, and the entire team, for making work so rewarding. I am blessed, and feel so grateful for this opportunity.”

Congratulations to Katrina on her well-deserved recognition!



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