Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week: Part 2

“Direct Support Professionals Are Priceless!”

We celebrate Direct Support Professionals this week. It is a week that is set aside to recognize and appreciate all the time and energy that DSPs invest in their work, and all the sacrifices that they make in the interest of caring for the individuals at Latham. This week is a time to say “Thank You” to people who show up every day to enrich the lives of the residents in our program!

Albert Einstein observed that there were “Three rules of work: Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Every day, our DSPs help individuals find simplicity in the clutter of life. They help to create harmony in the middle of discord. They help the individuals to find opportunities no matter what the difficulties—reminding the individuals that the problems of yesterday do not have to be the barriers of today! Our staff shows the residents how to build on success to work toward their future goals. All of this can sometimes feel lost in the routine of day-to-day operations in a house. But their impact, felt and seen each day, should never be far from our minds. DSPs are “directly” responsible for enabling residents to live, work, and take part in the larger community!

Beyond the direct impact on residents, Direct Support Professionals have a more far-reaching effect! By showing up and providing the care and programming each day, they help to support the families of the individuals we serve. Our DSPs do this while supporting each other, and the entire Latham Community.

If you are a Direct Care Professional, please take a moment this week to recognize your importance in the lives of the individuals and to the Latham Community. It is important for all of us to step back and remember the number of lives that you have changed and made brighter! Thank you for being here to pick up the baton and run the race. You are appreciated and respected, more than you know.

~ Ben Mundy, Assistant Director of Adult Services

Pictured: A message of thanks from the Plymouth Team to staff reads “This week is Direct Support Professionals Week! I wanted to acknowledge you all for the tremendous amount of work you do! You show up and save lives. Some of you have been in our clients’ lives for years, some a shorter time. All the same, we are thankful that you chose to come in, shift after shift. Thank you all and I hope these cards can at least express our gratitude! Direct Support Professionals Are Priceless!”

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