Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week: Part 1

Our Direct Support Professionals at Latham Centers are being celebrated this week for their exceptional work providing an environment where our students and residents can be successful.

In the words of our President & CEO:

“On the behalf of the Senior Administration, “Happy Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week”! This year we would like to use this week to celebrate all of you, especially due to the unique challenges our industry has faced day in and day out. Our

Direct Support Professionals are the backbone of the innovative services that we provide to our clients daily! We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.”

From our Children’s Program Director:

“It is no question that our DSPs have a challenging, tireless job, but despite all that, they still push through, and are changing the lives of our students each day. Thank you is too small a sentiment to express our gratitude for all they do!”

WE’RE CELEBRATING this week with sincere ADMIRATION AND GRATITUDE to our DSPs from our entire Latham community!

More Shout-Outs:

Tomorrow’s blog, DSP Recognition Week Part 2, will feature our Adult Services Program.

Throwback to one year ago: We created a web page in celebration of DSP Professionals Recognition Week


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