Conversations with our students and residents about coronavirus

As a follow-up to Patrice Carroll’s PWS Tip of the Week on Friday about coronavirus, below is some additional information from our Program leadership:

Especially for our Latham Community: Talking to our kids about coronavirus can be a challenging task because there are so many unknowns and we, as adults, have a great deal of anxiety right now. When navigating this topic with your kids, please try to keep it calm, brief, and clear. In this unprecedented time, Latham Centers has taken unprecedented action by practicing social distancing agency-wide. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of those in our care.

Following is information that we have provided to Latham students and adult residents about coronavirus:

What is coronavirus? Coronavirus is a germ kind of like a cold or a flu.

If it’s like a cold, then why is everyone so upset about it? It’s new, so everybody is still learning about it. The smartest doctors and scientists in the world are learning more about it every day, and they are going to help it go away.

How does it go away? There are a few ways to help it go away (and help ensure that fewer people get it):

  • Have really good hygiene. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, and keeping your space clean will do a lot to help.

  • A vaccine is being created just like the flu shot. The doctors are working hard to make this vaccine and that will help prevent people from getting sick and will help those who do get sick.

  • Staying away from crowds and only going places that you have to go like to the doctor’s office. This is called social distancing and it keeps the virus from spreading to other people.

  • Follow the directions from the staff. They are keeping you safe and will help to keep you healthy.

Will I get very sick if I get coronavirus? Probably not. Most people feel only a little sick when they get it.

If I will only feel a little sick, then why can’t I go on my outings or home visits right now? You may only feel a little sick, but you could give it to someone who can get very, very sick.

What is the difference between coronavirus and Covid-19? Nothing. They are the same thing. Covid-19 is a nickname. It is short for coronavirus disease of the year 2019.

Will this last forever? No. This is temporary. Soon you will have your regular outings and schedule just like you always did. Right now, we are going to trust the doctors and scientists who are asking us to make some changes.

Here is a link to Live Science that might be helpful to parents:

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