Community Spotlight: Latham honors Quilt Bank Outreach of Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod

Assistant Principal Meghan Pouliot presented the Roy T. Morgan Award to the Quilt Bank Outreach of Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod at our June 21st End of Year Celebration. Meghan’s award presentation to this organization, fondly referred to as the “quilt ladies,” follows:

“As everyone is aware, graduation day is a very important day for all of Latham, especially our Latham students. It is a day they both fear and look forward to. A day they look back on all the goals they have accomplished. And a day they say goodbye to their Latham family.

This goodbye can be very hard on our students, so that’s why it is so important that they have a token to remember Latham after leaving on their special day.

That is where the quilt ladies come in. For each of our graduating students, they receive a quilt to remember Latham and the relationships they have made here. For years, the quilt ladies have hand made numerous blankets for our students and this is a tradition that they always look forward to. This special gift from the quilt ladies not only helps keep them warm on those cold winter nights, but allows them to have a piece of Latham wherever they may go.

So, because of the quilt ladies’ continued service, I would like to ask them to come up to the stage and award the Quilt Bank Outreach of Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod with the 2019 Roy T Morgan Award. Thank you for helping our students as they transition to their next chapter in life!”

Latham Centers’ Roy T. Morgan Award is given annually to community members “for Outstanding Contribution and Commitment to People with Disabilities.

Pictured with Meghan Pouliot, Grace Filliman (right) and fellow quilter Pauline Tannock represented the Quilt Bank Outreach. They were delighted to be recognized, and Grace later shared her appreciation to Latham: “We want to thank you – we enjoyed it tremendously and were very impressed by your celebration… we are going to show the plaque off at our quilt show August 8th at the Conference Center in Hyannis, in case anyone is interested in coming to a quilt show; it’s going to be quite fabulous!”

Thank you, Quilt Bank Outreach, for your gifts to our students!

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