Community member Catherine Ricks shares “Why I Run” for Latham

Catherine Ricks of Brewster will run in the Falmouth Road Race as part of Team Latham this August. We warmly welcome her to our Latham community and honor this busy professional and mother who shares “Why I Run” for Latham:

“If you know me you would know I love to run road races and help others when I can. When Coastal Engineering Company combined with Latham to offer employees the opportunity to raise funds for Latham Centers and run in the Falmouth Road Race, I jumped on it. I would love the opportunity to run in the Falmouth Road Race as well as help children and adults get support and help they need in life. I think Latham Centers is a great cause. As a single mother of three kids, I know the struggles of raising children and I believe it takes a community to raise all children, including those who may need extra assistance. It is wonderful to see an organization creating a safe place for children and adults with special needs and taking the time to also be involved in the community. I get to see the members of Latham Centers go and enjoy the parades in town while I am walking with the Brewster Cub Scouts or the Eddy School Band. It is great to be able to live in an area that can have opportunities for everyone and everyone gets a chance to be involved with the community. I am happy to have this opportunity to run and raise funds through friends and family and Coastal Engineering Company.”

We are so grateful to be able to share the inspirational words of a working mom who has committed to training and fundraising for Latham Centers. Thank you, Catherine! Funds raised for Latham through the Falmouth Road Race Numbers for Nonprofits program will go to the Capital Campaign for the new Latham Community Center planned for the former New England Fire and History Museum property on Main Street in Brewster. To donate online, visit Catherine’s Falmouth Road Race fundraising page . The Falmouth Road Race begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday, August 19th.

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