Coast Guard Petty Officer visits Latham students on Career Day



Petty Officer Second Class Josh Brodeur shared highlights of his service in the U.S. Coast Guard at last week’s Latham School Career Day. (Five other guest presenters were previously featured in this 3-part blog series). Josh passed out Coast Guard coloring books and displayed job-related gear to help tell the story of life in the Coast Guard. He explained that he is an engineer on small boats and showed a poster entitled “Guardians of the Chatham Bar” featuring the 42-foot Nearshore Lifeboat. Currently stationed at Chatham, Josh is originally from Springfield and has served all over the country, including in the Great Lakes, Oregon, and Provincetown. Students learned that the Coast Guard is the fifth branch of the military, and Josh showed them some of the equipment he uses on the job (helmet, life vest, protective suit), reminding students about boating safety and always wearing life jackets on the water. The presentation about his Coast Guard adventures was well received, and students wrapped up the session with questions about Josh’s encounters with whales, seals, and sharks.

Latham Centers is grateful to all six community members who met with our students at Career Day August 17th, including (left to right below): P.O.2 Josh Brodeur (Coast Guard); Lt. George Bausch (Brewster Police Department), PaulAnderson and Jeffrey Sabatino (Brewster Water Department), Jennie Macdonald (Registered Nurse), and Sarah Mason (Cape Cod Nail Company).


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