Clinical Seminar Series welcomed by staff

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, September’s clinical seminar presented to staff focused on suicidal ideation and non-suicidal self-injury. Clinical Director Brynn Cooper led the hour-long session last week. It was the fourth monthly seminar put on by our Social Services team.  Other topics covered in the series that began in June include Trauma; Anxiety Disorders; and Borderline Personality Disorder. The seminars all aim to:

  • increase awareness of various psychiatric diagnoses and clusters of clinical issues we encounter daily at Latham;

  • facilitate thoughtful conversation about common techniques for addressing symptoms students may exhibit; and

  • offer time to consult and ask questions of clinical staff.

Brynn said feedback on the seminars has been excellent. “Staff are finding the information and material useful to their jobs and their work with our population. They are also enjoying the time they get to spend brainstorming and talking with staff and administrators from across departments about the topic at hand. We have heard staff members say things like, “When I was dealing with *student*, I remembered what you said about…”  It has been a great opportunity to reinforce the information staff already have, or encourage them to think about a problem or issue in a different way!”

Patti Hynes-Morris, our Children’s Program Assistant Residential Director, said the Clinical Seminar Series is invaluable, and something staff are really excited about – some even come in on their day off to attend. “It puts our kids in context.  Staff have a better understanding of the diagnoses and how they impact our students; they learn more about what our clinicians are doing; they have an opportunity to connect with one another; and they are gaining tools to better help our students and be more effective.”

Latham Centers is committed to continually broadening the expertise of our staff.  Anne McManus, President, noted, “Continuing education is the cornerstone of what we do here at Latham, giving staff the tools they need for growth and development.” Latham’s Social Services team and our Training Department have also collaborated to include a suicide prevention component within our new staff orientation program. 

Below are links to additional resources shared at the September seminar:


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