Clinical Corner: Carol Nickerson, LICSW, provides valued support to Latham staff

We’re so grateful to Carol Nickerson, LICSW, who has been coming to our Brewster campus for two years to provide scheduled debriefings for any staff member who wishes to talk after incidents they’ve encountered in their work. In a recent letter to Children’s Program staff, Carol shared information about her clinical background and availability for debriefing sessions, and she commended our dedicated, caring staff:

“I started my career working in residential treatment with children and adolescents. I’ve been in the human services/mental health field for 30-plus years in different settings, including several years as an adjunct clinician, clinical supervisor, and consultant at Latham Centers. I specialize in trauma and attachment issues, and everything that goes along with creating effective, practical therapeutic/healing relationships.”

A survey sent to staff members who participated in debriefings with Carol was very positive. One respondent wrote, “Carol was fantastic, and she suggested someone else that I see long-term, who has worked out amazingly well. Thanks, Carol, and Latham, for providing this opportunity.”  

Carol said she was grateful to all who responded, noting, “The feedback was quite positive and leaves me feeling honored to be a support to you and the work you do at Latham Centers. I also wanted to share that debriefings have evolved into opportunities to problem solve, for example:

  • working with a student you might be “stuck” with in some way;

  • how to move forward when overwhelmed; and

  • simply venting to get something off your chest so you are more able to respond vs. react in your life.

My experience is that Latham staff members are dedicated, hard-working, care deeply about the students, and strive to maintain a safe, supportive, and fun setting to heal, build skills, and grow in – for students and staff alike.”

Thank you, Carol! We’re hopeful that by sharing your words, direct support professionals at Latham Centers and other human services organizations are reminded to welcome opportunities to help alleviate stress or job-related fatigue, and to recognize the tremendous growth and achievement of the individuals you support. Your mission-driven work is making an immeasurable impact! 

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