Children’s Res News: Art Therapy project highlights

More than 20 of our Latham students have been working on a winter art therapy project. They made plaster molds of their faces, and through various mediums, students have been altering their masks to express themselves. When their masks are finished, each student presents to the group what their mask means to them. Here is a sampling of what students shared with their peers:

T.D.: My mask is made to represent how I can be really happy but also how sometimes I can feel sad. The colors represent my happiness, the string at the top represents some of the chaos I feel but the words on the mask describe how I want to feel and what I’m working for.

D.C.: I made my mask to represent a single moment from when I was a kid.  I made this mask for when I was a kid and I was running around. I fell and accidentally got a cut on my forehead that I see all the time now. On my mask I painted some colors that I really liked and made stitches in the same spot I have my scar. 

D.B.: I made my mask with buttons and glue with some things that I think my sister would like because she’s my family and this is for her.

J.R.: When I made my mask, I made it with colors I liked but with a star to represent Puerto Rico because that’s my culture. When I came in today for the final, I decided to outline the star in red with red glitter to make my star bright! I really like my project and I think my family would be proud. 

H.E.: I made my mask with three colors black and purple. I put the black on the outside but all the bright and colors in the center.

A.S.: My mask, I wanted it to be fun and unique like me. I used a lot of gold and yellows and wanted to use popsicle sticks, stickers, and pipe cleaners to make it fun. I’m proud of it.


Submitted by Dominic Monick, Residential Supervisor, Children’s Services 

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