Children’s Program T-Shirt Art Contest

Latham Centers has noticed first-hand how helpful art projects are to the development of our residents. Not only do art projects allow a creative outlet, but they also teach independence. Additionally, when students are tasked with creating an art project for a competition, they learn skills such as accountability and fair competition.

Annually, Beth Conway, Clinician, hosts the T-Shirt Art Contest for all students. The students are prompted with questions such as, “What does Latham mean to you,” “What makes Latham a safe environment,” and “What do you love about Latham.” Every year, staff are impressed with the variety of submissions, and 2017 was no exception. The winner will be announced next week!

Each student is given the direction to draw on a 8×11.5” paper, only use a dark marker (for printing purposes), and include a picture and phrase that says “Latham.” After the winner is selected, the shirts are printed and given to staff, students, and Board members.

This year many phrases were unique:

“We all Shine at Latham. We all Love at Latham.”

“Latham: All you need is love, kindness, friendship and caring people.”

“Latham is a peaceful place to feel welcome, calm, and safe.”

“We’re all in this together at Latham.”

“Latham is awesome.”

“Latham is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

The above images are only entries D, M, and T – you can only imagine the abundance of creativity we saw in all the others!

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