Celebrating PWS Awareness Month: Daily posts will feature residents, staff, and Patrice’s Tip

We’re celebrating our residents and staff throughout the month of May in honor of Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month. Join us on Latham’s social media for posts highlighting the strengths and passions of some of our students and adults with PWS, highlighting the abundant good in our PWS community. Each morning, we’ll share a photo of residents and staff – the true heroes of PWS Awareness Month. Each afternoon, we’ll post the daily TIP written by Patrice Carroll, LICSW, Director of PWS Services. Our Marketing/Admissions/Outreach team compiled these posts with help from our Program staff. We hope the content makes you smile, share, and talk about PWS. We’re looking forward to creating awareness about our incredible Prader-Willi syndrome community, including our staff who create an environment in which residents can be successful and lead full, happy lives.

As we prepare for PWS Awareness Month in May, I want to recognize the work that we see every single day of the year by our staff, teachers, and administration. PWS awareness is year-round at Latham Centers, and the progress we see in the children and adults is beyond rewarding. Watching children who struggled with peer interactions suddenly have the tools to have a best friend – or an adult who lives with Executive Functioning Disorder be able to successfully hold down a job – shows us how important this work really is. We welcome everyone to share in our collective joy over the month of May as we celebrate the greatest people we know. Happy PWS Awareness Month! ~ Patrice

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