Celebrating our Students

It has been four weeks since our Latham community came together for a remarkable Year End Celebration of Mastery. Recent blogs have featured highlights of the awards presented on June 21st, but today we share reflections of this memorable day and a short slide show created especially for staff, families, and friends who could not be with us to celebrate.

The students were magnificent, and their incoming procession (during a heavy rain) was greeted by applause from staff, Board members, Latham families, and special guests. Despite the rain, they were all-smiles – focused on friends, on cheering each other on during award presentations, on expressing their gratitude to others, and on showing their unique abilities in the closing on-stage performances.

Student leaders opened the morning event with the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem. Students surprised longtime friend and Latham Board member Robert Newman (CEO, Corcoran Jennison Hospitality and General Manager, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club) with handmade posters to thank him and Ocean Edge for their generosity.

Students were engaged in the inspirational words of Board Chair Chris Gillstrom Burgess and President Anne McManus – both of whom shared glimpses of achievement, growth, and Mastery here at Latham. The celebration closed with performances by Latham students and the Latham Players – another stellar example of Mastery.

As you’ll see in the photos and slideshow (1 minute, 30 seconds of captioned photos), the End of Year Celebration was the perfect day to recognize and celebrate our students’ Mastery.

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