Celebrating Anne Gilmore: the “behind the scenes” master coordinator

Pictured: The Children’s Program Education Team thanks Anne Gilmore (part of her retirement video)

Anne Gilmore wore happy hats at Latham Centers in her position as Administrative Assistant to the Director of Children’s Services. Back in January, fifteen colleagues at Latham Centers said a formal “farewell and good luck” at a low-key retirement party.

Tributes to Anne – from the Clinical Department to Senior Administration – highlighted her efficiency and skill in her role, and especially her kindness. Below are just some of their words:

“I always enjoyed working with Anne. She is quick-witted and on the ball, and takes care of business.” –Clinical Team

“About a year ago I was in an accident. Anne contacted me a couple of times to make sure I had everything I needed, she even helped to organize a grocery shopping trip for me. She was just so nice, and I could tell how much she cared. She was concerned about my well-being. I had NEVER met Anne and it meant and still means so much that she reached out to me. Thank you, Anne, for EVERYTHING you have done at Latham.” -Children’s Program Education Team

“I want to say congratulations on your retirement. You have been a mentor to me personally for 13 years. You’ve also been a mentor not only to the staff, but also the students. You will be greatly missed. Happy retirement.” -Children’s Program Director

“Happy retirement, Anne. We are really going to miss you here.” -Children’s Program Education Team

“Anne is simply the most amazing person I have ever met. She always has a kind word, manages so many things, and does it well. Anne, you will be greatly missed but I hope that you enjoy retirement and all the things you will be able to do.” -Nursing Team

Thanks so much for your support, commitment, and your wealth of knowledge that you brought to Latham. You will be so missed.” -Admissions Team

“Anne is the master of coordinating everything “behind the scenes” so that Latham can run as it does. She has a hand in all departments. This is a case where we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Thank you, Anne, for everything you have done for us.” -Clinical Team

“I remember my very first day at Latham Centers and meeting you. You have been a salvation for most of us who work at Latham Centers. I would see you in your office counseling all of the staff at the end of a tough work day. You made my first two years so doable and enjoyable.” -Senior Administration

Thank you so much, Anne, from EVERYONE at Latham Centers. HAPPY RETIREMENT!!

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