Celebrating 20 years with Anne McManus

Latham students honored President and CEO Anne McManus last week for her 20 years of service at Latham Centers. At the Latham School Community Meeting November 14th, students presented Anne with flowers, handmade cards of appreciation, and hugs. Anne began at Latham in October of 1998, and we’re all grateful for her exceptional leadership and for truly making a difference here at Latham Centers for more than two decades. Our students’ words and artistic creations are the perfect expression of our thanks and congratulations:

“Happy 20th Anniversary! Great job!!! We appreciate you!!!”

“Happy 20 years, Anne! You are… helpful, caring, amazing, supportive, a hard worker, appreciated…”

“Thank you for 20 years! Great Job! Wow!”

“Congrats to you! Thank you for making Latham a safe place to be. Thanks for having great staff to support me. You’re the best!”

“Anne, thank you for all you do – 20 years – and having me participate in cooking!”

“Happy Anniversary at Latham Centers – Yay! You made it 20 years! Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

“Thank you for all you do! Good luck! I had fun when you cooked with me. You are a good staff!”

“I hope you will enjoy your special day because you are the best president in the world because you are the best PERSON in the world! I am very happy that you have served being the president here at Latham!”


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