Caring Together at Latham Centers


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Congratulations to Melissa Hyer, Latham Centers’ Clinical Director, for her hard work in completing the annual Caring Together review. The Caring Together initiative was issued by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services on behalf of the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Children and Families. Caring Together afforded an opportunity for the Agencies to develop joint service standards, program specifications, and management structures in order to create a more rational, effective, and administratively efficient “system” of residential care for youth. 
Melissa G. who visited Latham Centers on behalf of Caring Together stated, “she loves her program down on the Cape.” It is clear to Gerry Pouliot, Latham Centers’ Director of the Children’s Program, that Melissa is confident that we have high expectations here at Latham of our staff, Board of Directors and students.
 A big thank you and congratulations goes out to Eve Rose, Jane Blum, Anne Gilmore, and of course, the Clinical Team, for prioritizing this review over the past year. Great work all, and congrats to Melissa!

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