Brewster Ladies’ Library receives the “Big” Check! 

On Saturday May 3rd, The Latham School of Brewster welcomed the public to join staff and volunteers on guided tours through the exquisite campus. On the tour, the community was given an opportunity to view a variety of buildings. The tour ended with Latham President & CEO, Anne McManus speaking on the history of the Captain Elijah Bangs Main House.

One spot in particular that seemed to be of interest was the student craft fair table located right outside of the Main House. Students sold a variety of goods ranging from jewelry to students paintings. Members of the community were given an assortment of soaps as a token of thanks. All proceeds from the student led craft fair were donated to our friends at the Brewster Ladies Library. The students are forever grateful for the opportunities that the Brewster Ladies’ Library provides us. In response to the money being donated to the Brewster Ladies’ Library, Latham student Gordon K. stated; “I’m so happy the money went to them, because they always do so much for us!” 

Latham Student Brendan P. had the honor of distributing the “big” check on Tuesday July 8th, 2014.  Brendan happily presented the check in the amount of $554.40 to Nori Morganstein; Assistant Director; Youth Services Librarian from the Brewster Ladies Library. Nori is a familiar face to all of the students at Latham. When spotted on campus Tuesday, she received a wholehearted welcome!

I think it is safe to say that the Latham School campus tour was a huge success!

Submitted by:
Brittni Taylor
Assistant Principal

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