Brewster in Bloom

Every year Latham Centers’ Students and staff participate in the Brewster in Bloom Parade. The 2017 Parade was held on May 7, and the students and staff accomplished a huge goal! Congratulations to the students and Residential team for winning “Best in Show!”

For week’s, students were talking about the float on campus. What were they going to do for the “Sea Captain’s and Treasures” theme? Who was going to ride on the float or walk behind the float, and who was going to be in the cheering section on 6a in front of Campus? What quote represents the school values and the parade theme?

Gina Sheehan, Residential Director, put it perfectly on The Dunes radio station, “There are all different fish of different colors and abilities. You’ll see the quote at the back that says, ‘we may all be different, but we swim as one school.’ At Latham, we value differences and relationships, and we all do our best to live a positive lifestyle.

During the parade students were chanting, “Latham is the best,” and “Latham Rocks!” Occasionally silly students would act like pirates, which would result in a cheer from the crowd. As the parade came to an end and the rain started to fall from the sky, all the students and staff were smiling, and proud of their accomplishment. Little did they know that the judges had voted them “Best in Show!”

Thank you to the Brewster Chamber of Commerce for hosting such a delightful parade, and to the staff and residents of Latham Centers for being such active participants.

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