Brewster Falls Classroom Learns About Butterflies

Butterfly Unit
Brewster Falls Classroom


The objective’s behind the butterfly lessons were to teach the students the meaning of the word metamorphosis, to learn the different stages in a butterfly’s life cycle, and to gain a better understanding of what a life cycle is. The students would also be able to name other animals that go through a similar process.

Before receiving the actual caterpillar butterflies, the students read about the butterfly life cycle as a group. They discussed important terms and drew pictures of each part of the life cycle to show their understanding of the material. Once the caterpillar’s arrived, the students were able to observe the entire process!! They were mesmerized when the caterpillars grew bigger, started making their chrysalis (cocoon), and were then transferred to their butterfly habitat to eventually turn into butterflies. The students created butterfly poems during ELA class and made informational packets and stands in Science class for our many visitors that had questions about the butterflies. The students also used media technology (ipads) to demonstrate understanding. They used the ipad App “Book Creator” to make a personalized book of the butterfly life cycle and stated their favorite part of this experience.

Our class was able to release the butterflies today at the local Drummer Boy Park. They were so excited to be able to hold them in their hands and watch them take off and spread their wings for the first time! The students enjoyed the process so much, they asked if we could order more butterflies in the near future. This was an extremely positive and successful experience for the students in the Brewster Falls classroom. It was a great motivation for the students to come to school each day as they enjoyed checking on the butterflies and it was a great way to actively learn about the life cycle.

Submitted by:
Amie Gould

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