Bolstered by Positivity: Appreciation from our Latham Community

Words of support and encouragement have never been more appreciated at Latham Centers. These comments from members of our Latham community are sure to put a smile on your face. Positive feedback boosts our staff and reminds us of the far-reaching impact of our work.

  • “The “virtual visits” that [the assistant Principal] has provided for [my son] to speak with me via Zoom are wonderful!  I was able to talk with [him] on Prom night.  Thanks to Meghan, I saw [him] wearing his tuxedo…The Latham School and the residential program are doing an outstanding job to provide learning and after school activities. Thank you and all Latham staff for what you do, especially now.” – Latham Parent

  • “We cannot even begin to list all the ways that your efforts are benefiting [our son], …The virtual learning is amazing.  Thank you so much!!! The Zoom time with the school house kids and staff today at 1:30 pm was literally [his] dream come true!! We appreciate your flexibility, responsiveness, and overall positive and enthusiastic attitudes!…Just those few minutes seeing his peers and staff made him so happy. He misses all of you so much, and even brief moments seeing the people he misses helps him feel connected.” – Latham Parents

  • “Thanks to you and your staff for working tirelessly to keep all the kids at Latham safe and sound through this horrible virus crisis. We are so thankful for the peace of mind we get from knowing our child is in your care. A special thank you goes out to the aides, nurses, and residential staff… With our love and appreciation,” – Latham Parents

  • “I have the pleasure of working with both sides of the week in [the suites] and … the crew there is awesome to be a part of from top to bottom. You guys have made getting comfortable working here as smooth as I could have ever hoped for, and your knowledge of the kiddos there has been invaluable to learn from. You guys are the best in every way.” – New Latham staff member

  • “I appreciate all the teachers, aides, and subs continuing to keep the kids calm, cool, and collected during an otherwise scary time.” – Latham staff member

  • “I’d like to recognize every single staff member who is keeping a smile on their face and keeping things ‘normal’ for the students!” – Latham staff member

  • “Shout-out to the entire Latham Community for being Latham Strong!!!!!” – Latham staff member

  • “Kudos to our Latham staff for your willingness to join together through these uncertain times and provide ongoing care!” – Latham staff member

  • “Times of stress tend to reveal the true nature of people, groups, and teams. It is incredible to observe how quickly and completely the friends and families of individuals in the Adult Services Program have pulled together. There has been such patience and generosity at every turn.  Donations of activities have helped the individuals to stay engaged during the stay-at-home advisory. Expressions of gratitude and support have comforted all of us. The Latham Team has worked constantly with parents, community members, and other providers to make sure that the individuals are well cared for. There has been a constant stream of communication, all geared toward the well-being of the individuals and the staff who care for them.  I’m so proud to be part of this team and this community.” – Latham staff member

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