Board member Jo-Ellen Erickson invites you to join Team Latham in this year’s Virtual Gasp!

Latham Board member and “Gasp” rider Jo-Ellen Erickson invites you to join Team Latham! She’s taking on the challenge of The Gasp fundraising ride again this year and says, “We’d love to have you!”

Jo-Ellen is getting ready to ride again this year in support of the students, residents, and staff at Latham. “It’s Jo-Ellen coming live from rainy Cape Cod – which will not stop me from putting a couple miles on my bike today, as I get ready for this year’s Gasp to benefit Latham Centers… Want to join us? You can join us in September here on the bike trail on Cape Cod, or ride solo – ride your Peloton, stationary bike – whatever you’ve got… Ride the trails in Utah, down on the Jersey shore – that’s fine, we’d love to have you!” If you can’t ride, we hope you’ll donate: The Virtual Gasp – Barnstable Charitable Foundation, Inc. (

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