Best wishes to our spectacular Instructor of Performing Arts and Wellness

Special thanks to Megan Fedor, Latham School’s teacher of Performing Arts and Wellness, who recently left her role to begin a master’s degree program in music therapy.  Megan reflected on her time at Latham, noting that she “had an incredible support system of the entire Educational Team who encouraged creativity and risk-taking within lessons.”

Megan said, “I absolutely loved teaching my lessons. In working at Latham, I learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The challenges that arise within a typical day are nothing that you can prepare for. Patience, problem-solving, quick-thinking, and calm demeanor are some of the qualities necessary for success.”  She added that her supervisors and co-workers at Latham were wonderful, and said her positive memories of the agency are due to this “fantastic support system”.

The best part of her job was the students themselves, Megan said. “I have never worked with a more endearing group and never gained more satisfaction from a job. I don’t know if I will ever work in a job where I make more of a positive impact on the world.”

We wish Megan the very best in her educational and professional pursuits, and thank her for sharing her gifts and talents with all of us at Latham. 

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