“Belonging” – Reflections from our CEO

In a recent letter to staff, Anne McManus (President & CEO) wrote about “belonging,” one of Latham Centers’ four core values. We’re sharing her words of thanks, along with photos taken at our recent staff appreciation holiday party:

“Belonging has been an integral part of our story here. We are so fortunate to have our shared history and connection with each other, with our students and residents, and with our greater community. When I think of some of the folks who have made their careers here — staff like Dyan H, Bob V, Steve K, Sue C, Sherry K, Joanna S, Arleen G, Holly H, Tara S, Lee D, George M, Ted P, Kathy V, Tanisha G, Susan L, Dawn M, Aki-Tia W, Beth C (I could go on and on) – many of these staff members have been here at Latham for more than 20 years! How wondrous it is to think that these folks and others like them have been instrumental in supporting the lives of so many in subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways.

We all have the privilege of sharing our students’ and residents’ journeys, many growing from childhood into adulthood right in front of us… growing from anxiety and uncertainty to confidence and a sense of their own future full of aspirations.

It is kind of amazing when you think about it; our shared journey has been an adventure in belonging every step of the way. The comfort of our relationships with one another grows as time moves on. Even when we disagree, we all share the common theme of wanting the best for those we support. This journey is not relegated only to those of us who have been here for a long time. Each month, we welcome new travelers to this adventure, and for some, they will share the road with us for a long time. When they leave us, they will no doubt be imprinted with the many lessons they have learned here.

It is such an honor to be part of this. As I have said for years, we have the very best staff! I respect the care and compassion you demonstrate every day in this life-changing work.” – Anne

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