Behavior specialists create Residential Fun Week for students


Students enjoyed water games, T-ball, beach day, yoga, and other special events during last week’s “Residential Week of Fun” planned by behavior specialists.

The week kicked off with “Sundae Funday” (July 16th), and students participated in a variety of outdoor activities including Water Games with Elyse, T-Ball with Dom, Sweet Jams with DJ Carlos, and Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Melissa SZ. On Monday, the students were invited to Linnell Landing where the afternoon of beach fun ended with a delicious pack-out meal prepared by the wonderful Latham kitchen staff. The Fun Week ended with a night of mindfulness, and students had a Freeze Dance/Dance Party with DJ Krystal, a student run Yoga session with CJ, and a special s’more snack.

A huge thanks goes out to all the staff and students who attended, and to the exceptional behavior specialists, kitchen staff, supervisors, and administrators who made the special events possible.


Submitted by Behavior Specialist Krystal Ketler

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