Artistic creations from Latham’s Juneteenth activities

We have some wonderful new artwork to share! Juneteenth was a momentous occasion at Latham Centers, with educational lessons in our programs, celebratory zoom sessions, and fun traditional meals.

Katrina Fryklund (Director of National Outreach) and Latham staff hosted lessons for both the adult and student residents, including readings about Juneteenth and a drawing class. Katrina noted, “The residents at Latham are incredibly artistic—the Juneteenth committee thought what better way for the individuals to learn about the flag than draw it themselves?”

Adult residents enjoyed a read-to-me of Juneteenth for Mazie, written and illustrated by Floyd Cooper, in which “Mazie learns the history of Juneteenth and its importance through a story about her grandfather.”

Students did a round-robin reading of Juneteenth: Celebrations in My World by Lynn Peppas, which “introduces the history of Juneteenth and describes how it is observed throughout the United States.”

While the residents were drawing, some had looks of concentration, and others were laughing, saying, “Oh gosh, I’m not an artist.” Katrina said the mantra is that “there are no mistakes in art.” The mission was to make learning about the Juneteenth Flag fun. We hope you enjoy these fantastic works of art by our student and adult program participants as much as we did! Thank you all for sharing your art!

Finally, an ending word from Arthur Gregg, our dear friend and collaborator throughout this entire process: “We must continue with this thought of a Juneteenth state of mind.”

To learn more about the Juneteenth Flag, please read our recent blog post.

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