Any Given February Morning

Any given February morning, I tilt my head to the sky, inhale and hope for the faintest smell of Spring.  Then, reality rears its frosty face, I tighten my coat, pull down my hat and accept that Winter is still very much here.  Ok, maybe the falling snow continues to be stubborn, but here at Latham Centers, that doesn’t stop anyone.  It seems when our staff and kids put their heads together, the options are unlimited.
Teamwork and belonging is a continuing focus for everyone at Latham Centers and we are not shy of students who are eager to participate in our Special Olympics basketball team and bowling team.  Though the temperatures may be dipping below freezing, there is always warmth on our hearts when one of our students stands proud with their accomplishments in either event. 
This time of year, many kids dream of huge jolly snowmen and sledding down their favorite slopes.  So far, Mother Nature has not fulfilled these dreams, but our resilient kids and staff greet each day seeing opportunity for a crisp hike through the woods, a sporting game of kickball and even enjoying the solitude of our beautiful Cape Cod beaches. 
Submitted by
Roger Boucher
Residential Supervisor

“Surely as cometh the Winter, I know
There are Spring violets under the snow.”
–  R. H. Newell

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