Amy McTighe, our second guest reader on Virtual Storytime, shares “Harry the Dirty Dog”

To celebrate PWS Awareness Month, Latham Centers has invited special guests to read to our students three evenings a week on Virtual Storytime.*

Guest Reader Amy McTighe: On Wednesday, April 28th, Amy McTighe, PhD, surprised the students who joined Virtual Storytime, introducing her new puppy and reading Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion. In the story, Harry bounces from one place to another, meeting new friends and getting so dirty that he becomes hard to recognize, until finally his family has to give him a dreaded bath! After the story, the children from around the country complimented Amy’s reading, and they were surprised and thrilled when she showed them her new puppy, Ruby. It seemed that everyone on Virtual Storytime was a puppy lover and dog expert, and they gave first-time dog owner Amy lots of advice! Ally said, “Make sure not to leave your shoes out!”

Thank you for reading, Amy, and for all that you do for people around the country with Prader-Willi syndrome! We’re delighted that you were able to meet our many friends over Virtual Storytime.

Amy is an amazing resource for families advocating for the best care for the person their life with PWS. When parents, guardians, and advocates call our Admissions Team asking for support, we often give them Amy’s contact information; she is the administrator of the Care Coordination program at the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. To learn more, visit


* Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students at Latham Centers (and in their homes across the country) come together online for a fun surprise, a good book, and an interactive social hour. Each reader brings something special to Virtual Storytime. Whether they are a legislative or non-profit leader, a professional in the PWS community, or a weather forecaster, they have provided the gift of storytelling and uplifting conversation. Throughout the month of May and beyond, we will continue highlight our special guest readers and say THANK YOU.

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