Adult Services Halloween Highlights: “Dressed to Impress!”

Congratulations to Andrea, Beau and Sylvia, Matt O. and Matt L., and Leona for winning awards in the 2021 Halloween Costume Contest in our Adult Program! Assistant Director of Adult Services Ben Mundy said it was a great day for residents and staff alike:

“COVID-19 has caused us to rethink so many aspects of our lives and the way that we conduct ourselves here at Latham. One way that the Adult Services Program has turned that into a positive experience is by creating new traditions. One such tradition is the Haunted House at the Fire Museum and the Halloween Costume Contest. Unfortunately, due to extreme weather and power outages, we had to cancel the Haunted House, but we moved forward with the 2nd Annual Adult Services Costume Contest. Many of the individuals get very excited about this event! One person in particular is last year’s winner of “scariest costume,” Drew K. He told staff, ‘I need to make sure everything is perfect so I can win two years in a row!’”

The Adult Services folks went all out for the costume contest – their outfits were fabulous! Winners received a $25 gift card for the following costume categories: Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Funniest Costume, and Best Costume Overall! The Latham team worked a special dessert into their planned nutritious meals and snacks. The Halloween Pudding Parfait – vanilla pudding, Oreo cookie ‘dirt’, and two gummy worms – was delivered to each resident.

We love to get creative with fun and festive holiday celebrations at Latham. In the words of Director of PWS Services Patrice Carroll, “Having Prader-Willi syndrome doesn’t have to mean that you miss out, it just means that the environment has to adapt to allow you to have some fun and be safe at the same time.”

We’re looking forward to sharing more fun Latham activities taking place throughout the holiday season!

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