Adult residents invite Anne to join their blue crab expedition

For those who have met Latham’s President and CEO Anne McManus, you know she’s up for just about anything when it comes to sharing experiences with the children and adults in our care. 

Here, she shares highlights of her recent tutorial on blue crabs:

I am always learning from our residents who have so many hobbies and interests – it is truly amazing.  Last week while visiting an Adult Services residence, Warren (one of the gentlemen residing there) told me he loved to go crabbing.  He showed me the equipment he uses and explained everything he knows about blue crabs, including their size and how to cook them.  I was even invited out on a crabbing expedition which I immediately accepted.   

I met Warren, Derek, Colin, and staffers Chrissy and Kirsten at a beautiful spot in Harwich and had a great time learning the craft of crabbing.  They taught me how to bait the line and what to use, how to bring them in, and how to differentiate between male and female (you can only take males and the females have red on their claws).  I actually caught one myself with a little help from the group.  It was a great ending to the day. Thanks, all, for teaching me a new skill!   — Anne

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