The Adult Residential Holiday Party: Parents, Guardians, Staff and Residents Dance the Night Away


For over twenty years the Latham Centers Adult Program has gathered to celebrate and honor the holiday season with cheer. The location has changed over the years, as have the residents and parents and/or guardians attending, but the theme has remained the same – celebrating another year with family and friends.
Below are a few staff anecdotes from the party.
Lindsey H.: A tear drop formed as I watched every resident melt with excitement, and to see family and friends gathered to support this beautiful tradition it truly takes your breath away. As the Adult Nursing Manager, I wake up every day with a smile on my face ready to dive into daily challenges. It is the wonderful families, friends, staff, and members of the community that show so much compassion to support all residents. I took this picture to capture a moment on the dance floor and to highlight an overwhelming feeling of happiness. This is why working for Latham Centers brings so much passion and love into my life and I want to share it. I want to thank everyone that made this a memorable event at the Holiday Inn.
Karen L.: What I found the most enjoyable was watching [one of our] Shared Living Providers […] and her nephew getting up on the dance floor, having fun, and encouraging all the individuals to have fun, too! She was so inspiring that I even got up and just had fun dancing!
Chloe G.: I would like to share how wonderful it is to see all the clients together [from all the residential houses.] It’s not only a get-together for them, but for the staff as well, that we don’t see every day. It’s nice to connect with the rest of the Adult [Residential, Independent and Shared Living] population, staff and clients.

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