Adult Program News: Lessons learned from Art Group

The “new normal” of today creates space, time, and the inspiration to create and express oneself. Due to the incredible amount of support and donations we have received from Latham families and friends to help supplement Latham Centers’ residential activities, I have had the honor of providing materials for art lessons and projects in some of our group residences. The group process when creating artwork inspires conversation, collaboration, and invites the group members to observe their perspective and the perspectives of others.

Paint Happy. Happiness is a feeling, a person, a place, or a fond memory. There is no right or wrong when painting “happy.” The paintings ranged from a portrait of someone’s loved one to a landscape of a beach. One painting began with the artist’s favorite colors, layered and mixed repeatedly on the canvas. Sometimes looking beyond the subject to the process is representative of the feeling being conveyed.

Paint with me. When a group paints the same picture, it allows for the group to view each other’s styles and to problem-solve. It allows artists to “go against the grain” and use their own creative freedoms. Most importantly, it allows the group to support each other. One group member stated she was “not an artist.” Her friend quickly replied that “there is no right or wrong to art; everyone can be an artist if they want.”

Self-Portraits. Self-portraits allow you to create a version of yourself that you want the world to see. They allow you to depict important pieces of your identity, belief systems, and personality. In self- portraits, you can be anything that you want.

So in this “new” world, be kind, be creative, and enjoy the positives in the process.


Pictured: A collage of examples of art from our group.

Submitted by Gina Sheehan, Director of Adult Services

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