Adult Fitness: How our Residents Continue to Exercise when Snowed-In!

In past posts we have told you about the amazing Exercise Program we are developing as a response to Cape Cod Foundation/CHNAs Wellness funding. This funding was given to the adult residents of Latham Centers, Arc of Cape Cod, and Community Connections to promote healthy living with special needs. Specifically, individuals are working on Staying in Shape, Eating Healthy, Wellness/Hygiene and Smoking Cessation.
Funding from the grant allowed Jamie Hoffman, Physical Trainer extraordinaire to Latham Centers’ Great Hill residence to teach at home exercises with exercise bands that can be practiced even when snowed in! It is important that our residents stay physically active during the winter months as they gain weight faster than what is considered normal, and that they know which exercises won’t strain their bodies.
Our residents have learned proper technique, and are now practicing the following at home with staff and housemates!

-Running in Place
-Jumping in Place
-Butt Kicks
-High Kicks

-High Rows

-Low Rows
-Bicep Curls
-Toe Raises


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