A taste of Broadway: Students and adult residents wow audience in Spring Concert

In a spectacular show of mastery, Latham Centers’ Spring Concert and Musical Revue last Friday was a performance to remember. The program featured Latham School’s Stars on Stage Club, the entire student body, and special performances by the Latham Players. Sarah Jane Mason, Instructor of Performing Arts & Wellness, orchestrated the inspirational event featuring songs and scenes from Broadway shows including Peter Pan, Annie, The Sound of Music, Grease, and more. Held at the Brewster Baptist Church, Latham family members, staff, and board members were treated to an hour and a half of moving performances and rousing sing-alongs. The singing and instrumental rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey brought the audience to their feet – many of whom joined the residents shaking maracas and other music-makers to the popular ‘80s tune. The group drumming was magical; students followed non-verbal directions to play different patterns led by Sarah jane.

The concert showcased the hard work of our Latham students and adult residents who spent many hours preparing for the afternoon of music, theater, and camaraderie. It was also a moving tribute to staff for encouraging and supporting our residents who shined in so many ways. Sarah Jane, who is a Music Therapist – Board Certified, demonstrated how music provides creative expression and therapeutic benefits. Kudos to our students and Sarah Jane—and to our Latham Players and The Players’ Artistic Director Dinah Lane. It was a gift to experience the incredible joy the Children’s and Adult Services performing arts programming brings to our residents and the entire Latham community.

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