A Holiday Season Staff Thank You!


As we approach the end of 2021 and reflect upon the year, the directors at Latham Centers are incredibly grateful for everyone who works in our programs. From those in Maintenance who work to beautify the grounds and buildings every day in both the Children’s Program and Adult Program, to the Direct Care Staff, to the support staff throughout the agency, we thank you.

In the Children’s Program, staff work tirelessly within the suites and classrooms to create a dynamic environment in which students learn and thrive. This video is a small snapshot of some of the recent work in the Children’s Program as the staff worked together to create items for our annual Holiday Craft Fair. While COVID has created an environment where we cannot sell goods in an “in-person market,” our staff created an internal opportunity for one another to buy items virtually, first-come, first-served. This slideshow shows the kids in action, creating the crafts, as well as the final products. For all you do, Latham staff, THANK YOU.  

As a small token of our appreciation to the staff in the Children’s Program, the directors came together to create a “Tree of Stockings” filled with “Gift Cards and Student Affirmations.” Each stocking held a quote by a student in which he or she declared their appreciation for staff. Favorites include, “I am grateful for my staff because they keep all of us safe,” and “I love my staff at Latham because they make me laugh.” Gift cards included Visa, Mastercard, Stop & Shop, and local businesses such as Café Alfresco in Brewster. This staff appreciation included hot cocoa, treats, and holiday cheer – thank you to all who participated! Moreover, thank you to our staff. You change the lives of our residents and foster a nurturing environment every day that you come to work.

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