A Fish Out of Water

I am a fish out of water. Literally. I am in the desert for awhile and I am definitely an ocean girl. This makes for interesting looks I am getting from people around town. First, I don’t dress like a cowgirl. No cowboy hat, no boots. I wear what I like and I can tell you that flip flops and capris in February isn’t the norm here. I think I am experiencing those longer stares our kids get; you know the ones I am talking about. Sometimes I ignore them but today I look back and smile, inviting them to ask; where are you from? What transpired was a funny take on the game seven degrees from Kevin Bacon…. Strangers in a kosher deli, yes a kosher deli, connect Boston to New York, New Jersey, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and finally Antwerp. We ate in the same kosher restaurant in Antwerp. Sometimes the stares lead to conversations and  connections. I left him practicing saying “wicked awesome.”

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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