A Beautiful Day for the 2016 Year End Celebration

Year End Collage

During a day with sunny skies, seventy-five degree weather, and an abundance of smiling faces, approximately 250 people came together for the 2016 Latham Centers’ Year End Celebration on Friday, June 17th.
It began with staff and students traveling to the future Latham Campus Expansion Site a half mile down the road from campus on a donated First Students Bus. After excitedly sitting in their seats and waving to parents, family, friends or guardians, the festivities began.
Rachel, Lexi and Annee led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the National Anthem sung by Latham Students, the Latham Players, and led by Megan Fedor (Performing Arts Instructor) and Dinah Lane (Latham Players instructor). Next, Jeni Landers, incoming Board President, took the stage to welcome the audience, introduce four new Board Members, and recognize seven outgoing Board Members.
Anne McManus, President and CEO, took the stage after Jeni for her Annual Update. She discussed the future Latham Campus and the amazing goings-on over the past year! She was impressed by the great growth in the students as well as staff. When Chef Paul was recognized for his amazing work, ALL of the students cheered his name and encouraged him to go on stage. The Latham Players then performed “Stand by Me,” not to be confused with the students’ later performance of “Stand by You!
Awards were given to the following recipients. We thank everyone below for their hard work whether they are staff, businesses or grantors.
The Roy T. Morgan Awards
Community Service: Lt. George Bausch, Brewster Police Department
Children’s Staff: Melissa Soares-Zariqi, Behavior Specialist
Adult Staff:  Lani Kaeka, Medical Assistant
The William McClennan Awards
Community Service Award: Agway of Cape Cod
Community Service Award: The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation
Staff Award:  Rebecca Amaral, QA Assistant/Service Receptionist, MIS Coordinator
President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement
Mr. Benjamin D.
The event concluded with the largest performance in Latham’s history with ALL students and the Latham Players singing, “We’re all in this Together.” Staff and audience members were asked to sing along as well! Finally, Ocean Edge’s gourmet buffet was opened!
Thank you to First Student, Ocean Edge, and Sheriff M. Cummings’ office for helping to transport, feed and set up tents for the event.
Also, a huge thank you to new Board Members: Dan Chamberlain, Esq., Bonnie Ellis, Mary Pat Messmer, and Robert Newman for joining the Latham Family. We look forward to the future days, weeks and years!
Finally, thank you to Rev. Nancy Bischoff, Amy Carroll, Mary Cooper, Dave Lofstrom, Octavia Ossola, Maegan Storey, and Sheila Burns (in Memorium) for serving on the Latham Board with such diligence. We will certainly miss you, but know you’ll always be part of Latham.

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