2022 Children’s Services Halloween: a smashing good time!

Our staff and students look forward to Latham Centers’ Halloween festivities on campus every year. Multiple Children’s Program departments plan activities that create a safe and fun holiday centered on spending time with friends.

On Friday, October 28th, the students participated in the Halloween Parade across campus, where staff volunteers hosted stations ranging from the Shark Family (Baby Shark included) who passed out Five Minutes of Free Time, to the Chef Dinosaur who handed out a special treat from our kitchen. Students then judged staff on different costumes as they lined up across the field. This year’s winners were:

    • 1st Place: Chef Dinosaur (Jen Burns)

    • 2nd Place: Witch and Scarecrow (Kevin Cole & Laura Heilmann)

    • 3rd Place: Hogwarts Student (Caitlin Harris)

On Monday, October 31st, our students participated in a spooky Halloween Dance to tie out the weekend of fun! Our Halloween activities are LOVED by Latham staff – students receive a few pieces of single-wrapped candy, but the holiday focus is on the events and activities like crafts, dances, festive meals, fun with friends, and outings to haunted houses.

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