2019 PWANY Conference: Seeing old friends and meeting new

Latham Centers attends the Prader-Willi Alliance of New York Conference each year. This year, approximately 140 professionals, parents, adults, and children with PWS attended the 29th Annual conference in Binghamton, New York May 3rd and 4th. Discussion topics ranged from Supporting Students in a School Setting to Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment.

Latham Centers’ Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, and Shanna Cipro, RN, Nursing Services Manager in our Adult Program, attended the PWANY Conference. The Latham table provided attendees with the opportunity to obtain the LivingHealthy with PWS cookbook, therapeutic items like stress balls, useful items like measuring spoons, as well as helpful documentation such as “CAN PROMPT” (How to Prepare for a PWS Medical Appointment ) and Coping with Behaviors.

Katrina Fryklund presented in an Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Session along with Rachel Johnson, PWANY Administrative Coordinator and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Together they spoke of trending diets in the PWS community, including our very own Mediterranean based menu. Before the session, Katrina spoke with Jeannie D., parent and PWANY Board Member, who received the Latham cookbook when it was first published last year. She said, “I gave my daughter’s group home the cookbook. Every single resident lost weight since they’ve implemented this diet.” Katrina noted that this is why Latham Centers created the cookbook. “We wanted to help people around the country and the world with PWS live their healthiest life possible, and to be their best self.”

We’d like to thank PWANY for their outstanding conference, and Katrina and Shanna for representing Latham Centers at the two-day event. Katrina said it was great connecting with friends (old and new) throughout the Prader-Willi conference. Special thanks to LathamWorks for the beautiful handmade presenter goodie bags with specialty soaps!


Pictured: Katrina Fryklund presents to conference attendees; goodie bags for presenters donated by LathamWorks (student vocational program at Latham) which included two handmade soaps and special notes from the students on each bag; Latham Centers’ exhibit table.

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