Zumba Quickly Becomes one of the Most Popular Adult Services Evening Activities

Latham Centers’ adult residential program spans Cape Cod, from Brewster to Plymouth. While so many houses is advantageous for Latham Centers’ adult residents as it allows for different opportunities in different areas, Latham Centers’ staff always aim to create activities which will bring the entire group together. Latham’s Adult Nursing Manager, Lindsey Howard, has introduced Zumba to our residents and the program has taken off! Through this activity individuals are engaging in a fun, and often new, physical endeavor which truly helps maintain Prader-Willi Syndrome weight loss or weight maintenance goals. Additionally, it engages each resident in an entertaining social hour with peers in which many laughs are had. During the summer the adults often then choose to cool off and take a swim in the Latham Centers Great Hill House pool.


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