Zach’s graduation brings over 30 people to his Virtual Ceremony

Zach graduated from Latham this morning, amongst happy tears and applause from family, friends, and staff. Multiple people spoke, including Craig (staff), who said, “We congratulate you and celebrate with you on your graduation day. We are all cheering for you.” Student and friend Hailey said, “I hope you have fun and [remember] that everything is going to go great. Don’t worry!”

Bass River students (a classroom with many of his friends) also spoke. Anilton said, “Zach, I will miss you!” Devin said, “I am going to miss you Zach; you are a good friend, and I am going to miss the art that we do together.” New student Emile told Zach about how much she is going to miss him and how much she has enjoyed getting to know him, and Zach responded, “Em, I am going to come to say goodbye to you in person before I leave!”

Zach’s parents spoke about Latham Centers and Zach’s time here. “This has been wonderful; the staff, the teachers, the kids…we talk to Zachary multiple times per day and he always talks about the amazing teachers, nurses, maintenance, and kitchen staff. When he came [to Latham] he got everything he needed and he could be himself. This is everything we could have ever wanted for our son so he could be his best person.”

To know Zach is to love Zach. Ask him anything about musicals or the flag, and he will answer factually and pridefully. He is a hard worker and strong advocate, and we wish him all the best on his next journey. Please take a look at the video for some graduation highlights!

Click the image (above) to play the video

-Submitted with pride by Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach

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