Winter Clubs on Campus: A Little Something for Everyone

Even during the winter months our students are active and busy on Cape Cod. Whether in the classroom learning about winter precipitation in science class, or after school learning about photography, our students are learning new lessons and skills every day.
Our current winter clubs consist of:
1. Vocational Club in the Latham Works Workshop with Melissa, our Vocational Instructor. Students in this club learn everything from pre-vocational, sorting skills, to work-readiness programs.
2. Club Just Dance is hosted by Monique, our Physical Education Instructor. Students in this club stay busy and active in the Hawksnest Meeting Room!
3. The Knitting and Crocheting Club is Hosted by Stephie, Teacher, in the Library. Staff teach students different aspects of knitting, which help to improve upon fine-motor skills and dexterity.
4. The Create-a-Book Club is hosted by Jess, Teacher, in the Marconi Classroom. Students come together, utilizing their creative license to write the text in concert with paralleling pictures!
5. Seasonal Crafts Club is hosted by Amie G., teacher, in the Brewster Falls Classroom. Students focus on artistry and creative license.
6. Photography Club is hosted by Tomas, Teacher, in the Bass River Classroom. Students learn about different techniques and perspectives, such as background and foreground!
7. The Brain Games Club is hosted by Diane, Teacher, in the Rock Harbor Classroom. This group is challenged by different brain-bending games and activities.

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