What Makes Latham So Special?

Photo: From left – Bob Fitzpatrick, John Charran, Paul Treible, Kevin Monteiro, Bob Steeves , and Day Supervisor Kristi Dolbec in front

What makes Latham Centers so special? We think it has spectacular employees! We couldn’t have produced the End of Year Celebration last week without the help and dedication of our facilities staff. To be honest, they are to “go to” people on campus and probably the faves of the kids. How could they not be? They are patient, funny, kind and talented. You know in a snow storm who will be coming to plow you out and who makes sure all the AC’s are in and working before the temps hit 90. They fix broken toys, teach kids maintenance skills and always stand ready to help. They do their jobs so that we can do ours.

Thanks guys!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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