“Welcome Aboard the SS Peter Cooper!”

The residents at Latham’s Peter Cooper home would like to share some of the fun they’ve been having.  “We’re running as if we are on a cruise ship,” reported Case Manager/Vocational Counselor Debra Anderson. “Each night, the next day’s activities are posted on an Activity Board with scheduled times. This has helped clients stay motivated, active, and interested in getting going each morning. There have been yoga classes, Spanish lessons, long walks, movie marathons, and one of our favorite projects—Vision Boards—with the theme being Life after Corona.”

Residents and staff participated, and Deb said the project gave them all hope in moving forward during this challenging time. “Every member of our staff is upping their game with creative ideas, and it’s amazing the talent pool we are drawing from and how much we are learning about each other.”  In sharing their Vision Boards, the Peter Cooper folks hope they inspire others to do their own. “Be safe, be well, and we’ll keep you posted on our journey!”

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