Virtual Social Hour highlights student creativity and writing

Our Outreach Team hosted their ninth Virtual Social Hour for students with PWS from across the country on January 20th. Each month Brittni, Katrina, and Patrice thoughtfully consider an activity that will be fun, engaging, new, and timely. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, the students came together to write a story inspired by a series they had read on Storytime*. One sentence at a time, the students laughed their way through, and supported one another in creating this sweet and funny tale:

Frog and Friends:

Valentine’s Day By Latham Centers’ Social Hour Students

Frog didn’t know how to get a Valentine. Frog had a few people in mind that he would really like to be his Valentine. In order to pick his Valentine, he thought about what makes a really good friend. One of the ways to be a really good friend is to be helpful. Frog went to the store to get some Valentine’s presents. Frog wanted to see what they had. Frog picked out a present, and it was a blonde teddy bear. Frog wanted to buy some chocolate as well.

Frog gets a Valentine’s card and hearts and candies for his valentine. After getting the gifts he finally decides to give the Valentine to his brother! His brother gave both the valentines gifts to another Frog friend. They all have a party and wear dress up clothes and funky outfits. Frog and his friends started dancing to their favorite music.

They had so much fun dancing to their favorite music that they decided to play some fun games next. They played leapfrog, basketball, frogger, red-light/green-light, and Throw Throw the Burrito. Frog realized that he didn’t need a Valentine because his Valentines were all of his Frog Friends.

*Frog and Friends can be found on Epic! Reading or Amazon, is written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Josee Masse.

The 10th Under-22 Virtual Social Hour is set for today from 5:00-6:00 p.m. For information, please email

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