Tip of the Week: Turn off the news

This week has been difficult for many people in our country.  You cannot escape the news, video clips, and sound bites that have taken over our televisions and social media. Individuals with PWS pay close attention to what we say, what we listen to, and are keenly tuned in to the feelings and stress levels of close family members.  When individuals with PWS are upset, it is fairly common for them to say inflammatory statements – and if said in the community, could potentially cause them harm.

For now, turn off the news, answer questions when asked, and make sure your kids know that they are safe and that love and compassion always win.


Patrice Carroll is Latham Centers’ world-renowned Prader-Willi Syndrome specialist. She works with Latham Centers’ residents with PWS, their families, and consultants, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices.

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