Tip of the Week: Wearing a mask

Whether you decide to send your child back to in-person classes or simply need to run an errand, there will be a time when your child will likely need to wear a mask. For kids with sensory processing disorder, wearing a mask for any period of time can be difficult, so plan and practice ahead of time. Be sure the mask is comfortable but also functional. If the mask is too loose, itchy, or slips off when talking, you risk the constant action of touching their faces which defeats the whole purpose. Get several styles and types and practice long before the first day of school. Be sure to go over the rules often — no sharing or playing with the mask; if it gets wet or dirty change it right away.

We know these are difficult times, but with some advance preparation, our kids can have a safe and successful school year.


Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Director of PWS Services, is world-renowned for her Prader-Willi syndrome expertise. She works with Latham students and residents, their families, and other experts, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. If you have PWS-related questions, we invite you to email TipTopics@LathamCenters.org.

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