TIP of the WEEK: The End of May


It never fails to strike me how our tiny community comes together during the month of May. We use social media, fundraisers, and gatherings to teach the world about PWS. Some of us share the beauty of the syndrome while others share their darkest days all to educate those outside of our community what it is like to live with and love our children. Then June 1st comes and we go back to living our PWS consumed lives while the rest of the world moves on to the next special interest group. And you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok because we have each other. A small but fierce community that supports, teaches, motivates, and holds each other together.
On the best and worst of days I have providers and families that have become dear friends over the years that have my back and know that I have theirs. We share a bit of ourselves with the world throughout the month of May but for the rest of the year it is one another that we go to to share ideas, find strength and keep our sanity. For that I feel immensely grateful and forever thankful for being part of this indestructible group of fighters.
This is the final week of PWS awareness month.


Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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